Diego's Umbrella

hello my friends,it was such a treat to see you july 6 at south lake Tahoe.my mother "margarite" and I got the limited edition hoodie and other swag.love it all. talked to redcup for a while, super nice guy!.any chance of a live DVD show?with your music videos?.i would really be into that.you guys are all awesome,you made my mother and I very happy.it felt good to dance and feel alive again.any chance you will ever play minden Nevada?.its in my neighborhood. also wanted to say the new album rules!.thanx again for being the high light of my summer, CHEERS!. chris moses, minden NEVADA.

Diego's Umbrella responded on 09/18/2017

hey hey, we've played Minden before and we might be coming back around Feb 8th. nothing set in stone yet. also we don't have any live DVDs, but we are making a live acoustic series available on youtube right now. here's the first of our juerga sessions: https://youtu.be/WbBES319Uhk

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