Diego's Umbrella

I was present, and truly enjoyed your show last night in Tucson, AZ. I conversed with Red Cup after, while purchasing a CD, and mentioned Bisbee, AZ, as a potential gig site in the future. we are an artists' community, and former mining town, with alot of character, history, and progressive leaning. as a former DJ who played your music on occasion on my radio show, i would try to book the Bisbee Royale (which you can check out online) for a performance. that way the local non-profit radio station can benefit from the event as well as you. i imagine you would be greeted with a larger and more supportive response from all the ex?-hippies who reside in town. so, would you please consider such a venue for a future date? my name is Rafiki......thanks for a good night.

Diego's Umbrella responded on 03/14/2018

thanks for the tip! hope to make it out there!

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