Diego's Umbrella

Any plans to come to Boise, ID? I saw you at KAABOO and thought you were the best act! Would love to see a full set. Such talent people! Come to Boise!!!

Talk to Danny @ Knitting Factory, (208) 343-8883. He is the talent buyer there. We are just outside of Bend, so not a touch route. I believe you would do great in this market!! Please let me know if you need help with getting ahold of Danny!

Maureen Marchant

Diego's Umbrella responded on 02/07/2019

Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you very much for the info. There is a chance we will be performing at The Reef in Boise Mid-April.
We perform in Bend often. We were just there in December of 2018 at Dominoe Room.
Our bassist, Red Cup, will be performing in Bend at Volcanic on Thursday March 21 with Metalachi, in his side band Ranchero that he sings and plays bass for. Check them out.


We hope to catch you soon and thank you for the support.


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